a violent young troublemaker

synonyms: troublemakerdelinquent

juvenile delinquent, mischief-maker

I am Kyle "RISE" Irving, and I am a Detroit artist. 

The finished product is not the only story told by my work.


The layers of ink and paint build upon one other to create an in-depth image with a sense of movement and fluidity.  Each piece embodies bold and bright brush strokes that keep the viewer's eyes excitedly entranced.


I began as a college student using charcoal and pencils, then dove into the world of graffiti and spray paint, and eventually fused all these techniques together into a style that I have dubbed “Hooligan Art”. 


As an artist, I do not like to stay stagnant; I try to push, move and constantly evolve. This is how you achieve greatness.


Here I am, to RISE above.

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